The whole month of August will celebrate not only Merdeka for Malaysia, but also the 6th year of the George Town Festival in Penang. This year, the festival has extended its reach over the bridge into the mainland of Butterworth. As with previous installations of the festival, visitors can sure to enjoy stunning performances and wonderful collaborations between local and international artists from the array of programmes lined up throughout the month.

estate123 top picks for george town festival 2015

Here are 6 events that the Estate123 have picked out from the vast array of events scheduled throughout the duration of the George Town Festival this year:

1200x530-pixyl-fountain-pPixyl Fountain
162 Victoria Street; 1-31 August 2015; 10am – 6pm
Unicorns! Rainbows! Fluffy clouds! This interactive art installation by Steven Gutierrez lets you to play music on the motion-sensor pads, or simply stand back and enjoy the digital rainbows, rain spheres and light clouds that pulse to the beat of music from the LED fountain.

1200-Hello-Hide-and-Seek-1200x532Hello Hide & Seek
George Town; 1-31 August 2015; 8am – 5pm
This project by We Are Artists gives you the chance to explore the nooks and crannies of George Town, while learning about the wide range of creatives based in Penang, from local artists, chefs, musicians, and more. Follow the map and collect the stickers placed all around town!

1200x530-same-sameSame Same: A Dan Lain-Lain Project
Dewan Sri Pinang; 1-31 August 2015; 10am – 6pm
Experience the incredible diversity of Penang – and Malaysia – through a photography exhibition of its multiracial citizens. Regardless of which (and how many) cultural identities you associate with, you’ll be able to discover the story of a country defined by its inhabitants who come from different cultures yet live together in harmony.

1200-RE-RevoEvo-photo-1-1200x530REVO EVO
Beach Street; 30 August 2015; 4pm – 11pm
REVO EVO, or Revolution Evolution, is a performance featuring live audio-visuals with a bicycle creatively repurposed into a muscial instrument, showcasing the sights and sounds of Penang. Definitely a unique event that’s not to be missed for those looking to part from the usual ‘cultural’ performances!

kumar-1200x530The Kumar Show
E&O Hotel; 27 August 2015; 8.30pm – 10pm
Kumar, Singapore’s favourite drag queen, and Papi Zak, one of Malaysia’s biggest stand-up acts, are joining up to leave you in stitches at The Kumar Show. Not for the faint of heart or politically correct individual, expect a no-holds-barred comedy act as they tackle issues from race and sex to Malaysian family values in this adults-only performance.

Singapore House (179 Lebuh Victoria); 1-31 August 2015; 11am – 7pm
Part of the CausewayEXchange series, this photography exhibition by Edwin Koo brings you across the other causeway to capture the everyday reality of Singapore’s multi-racial passengers aboard its Mass Rapid Transit trains via intimate, candid portraits of commuters in the moments just before the train doors open or close. A sort of ‘Humans of Singapore MRT‘, without the dialogue, if you will.

For more information and updates, you can visit the George Town Festival official website or Facebook page.

*All pictures were sourced from the George Town Festival website and Facebook page.