We all know by now that Eco World has, and will continue to, pull out all the stops to attract visitors to its show galleries, through fun photo opportunities like the windmills, celebrating Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day with a flower show, tapping into popular Japanese culture and traditions through Bon Odori, and even cute cafe collaborations inspired by pop culture.

This time around, Eco World is appealing to environment-lovers in Malaysia through its Eco World Festival 2016, appropriately themed “Light Up The World”, to spread awareness about the importance of saving the environment and new technology to aid the cause.

eco festival light up the world

Light Up The World” 3D Projection Show
Indulge your senses in the amazing world that is 3D projection. Be prepared to be blown away by the vivid, visual display that will take you on a delightful journey through the wonders of Mother Earth. We get the feeling you’ll walk out of the show with a new appreciation for nature and renewed interest in conserving the earth. (Psst… Here’s a little sneak peek!)

3D projection show at EcoWorld Eco Festival 2016 (Photo from Johor Now)

3D projection show at EcoWorld Eco Festival 2016 (Photo from Johor Now)

Electric Playground
electric playground
Don’t worry, this playground is perfectly safe for kids (and big kids)! Ever heard of a Human Hamster Wheel? Bike and Blend? Or the Jumping Light? What about Solar Directional Signage? From the names, we can sort of guess what they do (except maybe Jumping Light), so it would be really cool to try them out personally. We’d sure love some freshly blended fruit juice after a good cycling workout!

upcycle tyre playground eco friendly environmentUpcycle Playground
Upcycling is basically taking stuff you don’t want, or can no longer be used, and giving them new life by turning them into other useful things! The upcycle playground is exactly that – old tyes, wooden planks and steel tubes (among others) are used to create a fun and unique playground brings twice the enjoyment at half the cost.

Interactive Workshops
Participate in one of the many interesting workshops like Jar Lamp and Green Talk at the festival, and pick up an eco-friendly tip or two along the way. It’s a good way for kids to have fun and learn about the environment at the same time.

electric assist bicycleElectric Pedal-Assisted Bicycle
Imagine riding a bicycle that doesn’t need you to cycle. Better yet, just a tiny paddle will give you enough boost that it’ll feel like you’re zooming along at top speed! It’s certainly possible with an electric pedal assisted bike, and you can try it out at Eco Festival 2016.

Biodegradable Animal Art Installations
They say art is subjective, but these incredible, majestic animal art sculptures by students of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology will definitely impress you. Made from recycled and discarded materials, these biodegradable animal art installations are proof that one man’s rubbish is another man’s beautiful artwork.

Animal art made from biodegradable materials (Photo from Eco World)

Animal art made from biodegradable materials 

eco conscious fashion showThe Conscious Collection Fashion Show
Lights, camera, catwalk! Watch as models donning clothes made from recycled materials strut the catwalk in a runway style fashion show to educate the public about recycling through a fun environment. Hey, if Emma Watson can wear sustainable clothing to an awards ceremony, we can definitely wear eco conscious clothing too!

Tesla Electric Car Display & Test Ride
Step aside, Prius. Be one of the few in Malaysia to see the revolutionary electric car, Tesla, up close. The Tesla Model S is a sleek sedan that has instant torque, amazing power and best of all, zero emissions.

tesla model s

BMW i8 Display
If you’ve watched the latest Mission Impossible movie, then this BMW supercar will be no stranger to you. This stunning hybrid sports car will be on display at Eco Tropics on 4 & 5 June, so don’t miss the chance to take a photo with this beauty and show it off to your friends on social media. 😉

The stunning BMW i8

The stunning BMW i8

Renault Twizy
Maybe something a little less sporty, a little more… personal? We’re in love with this cute little all-electric car, and we know you’ll be too. Take it for a test drive at Eco Festival and maybe you’ll be tempted to go green and bring one home! (But please don’t steal the Twizy from Eco World!)

renault twizy

electric go kartElectric Go-Kart Track
You can oogle (but not touch) the BMW i8, and test drive the (much tamer) Renault Twizy, but now it’s time to finally get in on some action with the electric go-kart. This activity is for both adults and kids (those 12 years and below will require adult supervision), so hop into these and get your adrenaline pumping in an exciting eco-friendly go-kart race!

Food Trucks
food truck
What’s a festival without food trucks? Adding to the party-carnival-festival atmosphere of Eco Festival 2016 are the food trucks which offer a variety of street food that will fill your tummies and satisfy your tastebuds. We suggest you go there on an empty stomach and with a group of friends for maximum indulgence! ;

Can’t wait for the fun over the weekend? Hop on over to the Eco Festival website (http://www.ecofestival.com.my/index.html) to test your spacebar-mashing skills, learn fun trivia, and of course, find out what’s happening over the weekend at your nearest Eco World Show Gallery!

Klang Valley
Eco Majestic – 28 & 29 May
Eco Sanctuary – 4 & 5 June
Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC) – 4 & 5 June

Eco Terraces – 28 & 29 May
Eco Meadows – 4 & 5 June

Iskandar Malaysia
(28 & 29 May, 4 & 5 June)
Eco Botanic
Eco Spring & Eco Summer
Eco Tropics