February 2017 is definitely a festive month! Besides Chinese New Year, Malaysians will also be celebrating Thaipusam, which is on February 9. We know you’re here to check out the Thaipusam road closure details, so let’s cut right to the chase!

In conjunction with Thaipusam, various roads in Kuala Lumpur and Penang will be closed to accommodate the Silver Chariot procession. But that’s not all; the Thaipusam celebrations in Penang this year will mark history when for the first time in 231 years, a golden chariot will be paraded alongside the traditional silver chariot. The silver chariot is expected to carry Lord Murugan, while the golden one will carry the vel or spear used by Lord Murugan to fight evil.

Kuala Lumpur

The procession will begin from the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Jalan Tun H.S Lee, Kuala Lumpur at 10pm on Tuesday (7 Feb) and is expected to arrive in Batu Caves at 2pm on Wednesday (8 Feb).

The 13 affected roads are: Jalan Tun H.S Lee, Jalan Sultan, Jalan Pudu, Jalan Tun Perak, Lebuh Ampang, Jalan Munshi Abdullah, Jalan Dang Wangi, Jalan Raja Laut, Jalan Ipoh, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Ipoh Batu 15 and Jalan Batu Caves.

The roads will be closed again from 4pm on Friday (Feb 10) to 2am on Saturday (Feb 11) as the procession returns from Batu Caves to the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple.

This time, 14 roads will be closed: Jalan Batu Caves, Jalan Ipoh Batu 15, Jalan Pekeliling, Jalan Ipoh, Jalan Raja Laut, Jalan Dang Wangi, Jalan Munshi Abdullah, Jalan Ampang, Lebuh Ampang, Jalan Tun Perak, Jalan Pudu, Lorong Pudu (roundabout), Jalan Cheng Lock and Jalan Tun H.S. Lee.

The route for Thaipusam procession in Kuala Lumpur (2017)

The route for Thaipusam procession in Kuala Lumpur (2017)

There will be increased security at the Batu Malai Sri Subramaniar Temple and Sri Subramaniar Swamy Temple in Kuala Selangor to avoid any untoward incidents. About 2,000 police officers and 750 temple voluntrapid kl buseers will be on duty to ensure the safety of devotees joining the procession and those going to the temple.

On Feb 8 and Feb 9, Rapid KL buses with the code BC would be in service from 5am to midnight. There will be three buses from the Batu Caves LRT station to Gombak, and tickets are priced at RM2 each. 20 buses will service the route from the Batu Caves LRT station to Pasar Seni, with tickets priced at RM3 each.


On Feb 8 and 9, Jalan Utama (Western Road), and part of Jalan Gottlieb will be closed. The silver chariot procession will begin at 6.30am from the Kovil Veedu Temple in Lebuh Penang, heading towards the Nattukotai Chettiar Temple in Jalan Kebun Bunga.

The climax of the celebration on Feb 8 would be when the golden chariot begins the journey from the Sri Mahamariamman Temple in Lebuh Queen at 5am and arrive at the Sri Arulmigu Balathandayuthabani Temple at 11pm.

The public is advised to park their vehicles at areas designated by the Penang City Council (MBPP) or use the bus service.

thaipusam procession penang malaysia

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