Everybody knows Instagram. With over 300 million daily users and 95 million photos uploaded per day (source), it’s basically the grandfather of all image-sharing apps. Malaysians are extremely avid Instagrammers, posting everything from food to footwear, parties to property listings, so it’s a good way to capture the relevant audience with hashtags, likes, follows, and some blatant self-promotion. 😛

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Images are the heart of Instagram, so you’ll need to first grasp the basics of posting on the app. Thanks to continuous updates and improvements, there are now a variety of ways you can share your photos.

Single Image Listings
One of the easiest and simplest ways to use Instagram as a real estate agent is to post photos of your property listings. Think of Instagram as another as another platform to post your property listings. Just upload photos of your property listings – either a single ‘feature’ photo, or a collage – with the details in the caption, along with your contact details. Don’t forget to add relevant hashtags that will allow people to find your photos, and make sure your profile is set to Public.

Example of a single-image Instagram posting with one photo and photo collage

Avoid using stock photos in your postings; your audience want to see, and will appreciate, actual photos of the property and project site that you’ve taken. Promotional images from the developer are alright (since majority of projects are sold before they are even built) but buyers would prefer to see the real unit, or at least a show unit, instead of pretty artist impression images. Posting photos of the actual listings is the best way to get users to become followers and actually check out your Instagram real estate marketing.

Text + Images
As the saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, but sometimes, a picture without any context or information really doesn’t convey much. That’s why adding some text to your real estate photos will come in handy, like the example below. This will also let the viewer immediately understand what you’re trying to sell, without having to read long-winded captions.

Multiple Photos
This is definitely one of Instagram’s most important updates, which allows users to post multiple images in one post. You simply have to swipe left to see the next image. It’s especially beneficial for real estate agents because they are no longer limited to a single image for each post. Similar to listings on the Estate123 mobile app, you can upload multiple photos so that other users can browse through them. You know the drill: description in caption, contact details, etc.

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BSxsEk0BFbH/ width=350]

Achievements & Awards
Nobody likes a show-off, but when it comes to work achievements and awards, feel free to share the good news on your Instagram. It will increase your credibility with potential clients and show that you are serious about your profession as a real estate agent. Remember to take photos of important occasions such as awards, certifications, successful property deals, and public speaking engagements.

Property Tips
Effective marketing isn’t just about promoting yourself or your listings – which can become rather boring, to be honest. If you come across any useful tips or information for buyers, sellers, renters, landlords, or agents, do share them with your followers. Chances are they will enjoy the trivia, and you’ll make a good impression. Every little bit counts when it comes to building your credibility, visibility and marketability in the business.

Memes and Quotes
Everybody reacts positively to humour, which is why funny images and memes are a good way to catch attention and rake in a few more ‘likes’. However, unless you’re aiming to be a humour-based real estate Instagram profile (like @thebrokeagent), it’s best to limit the number and frequency of funny posts and memes. The same goes for inspirational real estate quotes and the like. Remember to use them sparingly, and only when necessary or relevant, like this meme we posted when the Pokemon Go craze just started last year:

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