It’s been proven that property listings with photos are more likely to get more views and generate leads. We’ve shared with you some useful tips on how to take great real estate photos, but when it comes to photographing vacant lots and huge swathes of empty land… well, it’s a whole ‘nother ball game. Vacant land can be tricky when you’re trying to take photos for an online listing. Although undeveloped land often includes beautiful, photogenic landscapes and views, what photos can you use of a single vacant lot or relatively barren plot of land?

#1 Emphasize Natural Features
On vacant land, there’s no building to use as a focal point, so your on-the-ground photos of the property should emphasize its best natural features, be it trees, water elements or open space. Unless it’s in an industrial area, buyers will likely prefer seeing greenery instead of just barren dirt. Nearby structures and roads may attract more attention than necessary, so use appropriate angles to limit the view of nearby buildings and roads that may be distracting and unappealing.

land open space tree sunset

#2 Showcase the View
If there’s a (good) view from the property, show it! Whether it’s the city skyline, vibrant green hills, or sea/lake view, it can become a valuable feature and should be advertised as such. It doesn’t matter if the view isn’t part of the property; chances are a buyer will be attracted to purchase the land so they can enjoy the view. That’s why properties in Kuala Lumpur with a view of KLCC are so coveted and can fetch higher prices.

This agent uses Google Street View to show a panoramic view of the property.

#3 Highlight Neighborhood Features and Amenities
You’re not just selling property; you’re selling a lifestyle too. Show buyers the landmarks and facilities located nearby, such as a tourist destination, convenience store, post office, petrol station, restaurants, etc. Unless the buyer is looking to escape the outside world, knowing that the land is within walking or driving distance is definitely a bonus.

#4 Show Aerial Images of the Site
For lot and land listings, aerial photos are one of the most important types of images you can use to visually describe the property, because it can show buyers a bird’s eye view of things that you can’t otherwise see at eye-level.

For example, this property listing for a piece of industrial land in Bukit Kemuning, Shah Alam.

#5 Describe with Area Maps
Aerial images are well and good, but with an area map (with the property location clearly marked), prospective buyers can have an idea of the surrounding landscape. An area map can pinpoint nearby landmarks and amenities, thus showcasing the property’s location advantages.

This listings makes good use of Google maps to show the property and its surroundings.

#6 Include Surveys or Site Plans
Most land listings in Malaysia usually don’t include site plans, but you can (and should) go the extra mile to provide more information about the property if available. It’s a very helpful visual tool that can show a buyer things they can’t learn any other way. Accurate site dimensions, property lines, setbacks, easements and other important features all may be accurately gleaned from a professional survey or site plan and are valuable information for buyers. Surveys and site plans are critical to include when you are marketing your property to homebuilders and developers.

Masterplan for Mah Sing M-Residence 2

#7 Avoid Rundown Structures
Too many listings for vacant property include photos of dilapidated shacks, old sheds, vacant homes or broken fences. Instead of helping you sell, these shacks and old structures can convey negative messages to potential buyers – and make them wonder how much it would cost to demolish.

rundown shack

Unlike a finished house, there often are not as many unique looking features to photograph on vacant land. Showing too many photos of the same empty plot of land may create a negative impression on the viewer. Therefore, when it comes to empty lot or land listings, remember these few points: quality over quantity, natural features, future potential, and aerial images.


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