You’ve probably heard about Forest City (森林城市) in Iskandar Malaysia, one way or another. After all, it’s one of the biggest development projects in Malaysia. It is a 20-square-kilometer city located in the Johor Iskandar Development Region of the southern state of Johor. Built on four artificial islands, it will have office towers, parks, hotels, shopping malls and an international school, all draped with greenery.

One of its biggest attractions is undoubtedly the price tag; where else would investors be able to purchase freehold properties at less than a fraction of Singapore‘s prices? Besides being one of the most ambitious development projects in the state – perhaps even the country – Forest City also prides itself on bring an integrated residential and commercial project, with a focus on tourism, education, health, finance and e-commerce. The city, which has received approval as a duty-free island, is set to be a role model for future living and green cities in the country.

Perks of Special Economic Zone
Preferential policies such as duty-free zone status, new CIQs, tax incentives, and more.

Forest City was granted duty-free zone status in March 2016, and new Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine Complexes (CIQ) by land and sea have been approved, stimulating rapid development of tourism and creating more investment opportunities. A series of tax incentives have been granted to qualified companies within the Iskandar Development Region (IDR) involved in tourism and MICE (meeting, incentives, conference and exhibition), education and healthcare sectors, as well as Green Developers and Green Development Managers.

Best of Malaysia & Singapore
The prosperity of Singapore and the affordability of Malaysia.

There will be a 24-hour shuttle bus service linking Forest City and Singapore for the convenience of residents. Located just 5km from Tuas Second Link, and 39km away from popular shopping district Orchard Road, residents of Forest City get to enjoy easy access to the bustling metropolis of Singapore for work and business. Upon returning, the many options for affordable shopping, dining, entertainment and everyday essentials at Forest City ensure that residents get value for money without compromising on comfort or quality.

Multi-Layered Mobility City
A city with lush green surroundings and zero on-ground vehicles.

Forest City utilizes the most advanced milti-layered urban planning concept to create a green safe haven for residents. Parks and recreational spaces are scattered throughout the city to promote a social and healthy lifestyle. No vehicles will be seen travelling on the ground as railways connect the whole city. Roads, flyovers and parking spaces are docked on the two lower floors, providing efficient mobility between destinations, while at the same time separating pedestrians from vehicles to ensure safety and minimise pollution.

Forest City – a multi-layered mobility city

Vertical Greening
Building facades covered in greenery create a forest-like environment.

SASAKI, one of the world’s top architecture and planning forms, developed Forest City’s conceptual plan with the idea of “a city within a garden”. The lush green plants covering the building facades, sky gardens and rooftop gardening system are designed to purify the air, conserve rainwater and diminish noise. The city is also surrounded by more than 10km of coastline, rare mangrove reserves and ecological wetlands, creating an eco-city with fresh air and pristine water. With green parks, green lanes and bar streets scattered around the entire city, it is indeed place where technology is one with nature.

Integrated City
A plan to create the world’s most advanced smart city.

Developers are investing nearly US$100bil to turn Forest City into the world’s most advanced smart city, through collaborations with technology leaders such as Huawei, Accenture and Celcom to develop the Smart City Vision. Forest City will introduce 8 key industries, namely Tourism & MICE, Healthcare, Education & Training, Regional Headquarters, Offshore Finance, E-Commerce, Emerging Technology, and Green & Smart industry.

Top Healthcare
The best healthcare in Asia at affordable prices.

Forest City is collaborating with MJ Group (美兆集团), a top healthcare institute in Asia, to provide some of the best medical and healthcare services at lower costs. There are also partnerships with various world-class hospitals, medical services and research organisations, with aims to provide world-class medical services to residents.

Excellent Education
Complete elite education from pre-school to tertiary.

Forest City has signed a contract with Shattuck-St. Mary’s School, a renown private boarding school in the United States, to offer international education from kindergarten to high school. The school is expected to open in August 2018. Forest City is also collaborating with Iskandar Malaysia authorities to establish research centres, technical training institutions, and more for a complete education environment from pre-school to tertiary education and beyond.

Secure Society
Safe and secure society with closed-off security system.

The closed-off management system across Forest City is equipped with a smart security system and property services similar to five-star hotels, creating the most secure and enjoyable city. High-rise residentials will adopt an elevator IC card management system similar to any five-star hotel. Each card allows the user to access their designated floors, ensuring the safety of residents.

Exquisite Residentials and Amenities
Exquisite furnishings and comprehensive amenities – a magnet for global elites.

High-rise apartments at Forest City come with vertical greening and opulent fittings. Key areas such as the transportation hub, international club, Harbour Commercial Street and beach park are already in operation and popular with residents and visitors alike, while Phoenix Hotel and luxury flagship store SECCO are already in soft operation, catering to business travelers and avid shoppers.

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