“Affordable housing” is the keyword on everyone’s lips right now (and the foreseeable future) when talking about the Malaysian property market, and for good reason – many people are finding it difficult to buy a home, be it due to high cost of living, low wages, increasing property prices, insufficient savings, debt (student loans, car loans, credit card, etc) and getting their housing loan applications rejected.

The federal and state governments have launched different affordable housing schemes — PPR, PR1MA, Rumah Selangorku, Rumah Impian Bangsa Johor (RIBJ) immediately come to mind — to help those in the low- and middle-income group fulfill their dreams of home ownership. Besides that, many property developers have also shifted their focus to building affordable housing (below RM500,000) to cater to the demand from the public. So, what else can be done to provide more affordable housing in Malaysia? Check out the infographic below:

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