Who hasn’t had daydreams that involve a tropical seaside holiday, enjoying the sun, sand and sea? Most of us are likely to spend our days in an office or running around chasing sales, with only the occasional weekend trip to the beach or perhaps a well-deserved holiday in Bali to de-stress from city life. Owning a seaside resort is simply an idle dream or something that happens to people in dramas.
(Unless you’re this lucky guy, who won an island resort in a lottery.)

Well, what if we told you that owning your very own diving resort on a beautiful island is not a dream, but a very real – and achievable – possibility?

Enter the K2 Dive Resort in Lembeh, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Guest at K2 Dive Resort are greeted with this view

Stunning view from K2 Dive Resort (Photo from K2 Dive Resort Facebook)

Stunning view from K2 Dive Resort

Its simple yet catchy name is derived from Kelapa Dua (meaning ‘two coconuts’), the district in which the dive resort is located. It is a fully-equipped boutique dive resort on a private island with full amenities – including organic vegetable farm – in the heart of one of the World’s 10 Best Dive Sites, where you can enjoy a high quality easy lifestyle, and amazing diving all year round.

Guests can access the dive resort by ferry, which has an access road leading straight to the property, or arrive in style via a 10-minute speedboat ride from the Bitung jetty. Beautiful landscaped gardens and lush vegetable plots welcome guests when they reach the resort, which provide a farm-to-table experience, coupled with the freshest seafood caught within the water of Lembeh.

Jetty leading to K2 Dive Resort

Farm-to-table organic vegetables

This particular corner of the world is a much sought-after dive destination, and a haven for underwater photography. The temperate climate in the region allows for diving activities all year round, and many diving enthusiasts have discovered rare, beautiful marine life in the waters surrounding the dive resort.

Transport and diving equipment are available

A blue ring octopus discovered by K2 divers

The resort sits on land measuring approximately 6,000 sq m and overlooking the Lembeh Strait, with each villa offering stunning views of the sea. Each of the six guest villas are handcrafted by local Minahasa Natives from the highland of Manado, and designed to maximise the topography of the land without damaging its natural surroundings. The villas are air-conditioned and equipped with modern facilities as well as en-suite bathrooms. Besides the guest villas, the property also includes a staff house, dive centre, reception, library, and restaurant/bar.

If you’re worried about the business aspect of it, you can rest easy, because K2 Dive Resort has already obtained all the relevant operating licences from local authorities. It is also connected to the national power grid and has its own water source on land, so you don’t have to worry about guests sweltering in the tropical heat inside their villas, or suffering cold showers after a dip in the sea. (We know how miserable that can be!)

Each villa is handcrafted by local Minahasa Natives

Inside one of the villas at K2 Dive Resort

Are you tempted yet? Don’t let your dreams be dreams – take a leap of faith and enquire about owning the K2 Dive Resort in one of the World’s Top 10 Diving Sites now!