Parking – more specifically, the lack of it – has always been a big issue in Malaysia, especially in crowded townships and crowded high-rise residential buildings. In our previous article about parking bay ownership in strata properties, we received quite a few comments asking for advice related to parking lot problems faced by residents of condominiums. has consulted with Kit, Au-Yong, a BOVAEA-licensed real estate valuer, appraiser, agent, and property manager, to answer these questions by our readers, which will hopefully help them (and others with similar problems) in solving their parking woes.

Q: Can I take action against the developer for selling a parking bay in the same project at a price difference of RM10,000? For example, Resident A paid RM10,000 for a parking bay but Resident B had to pay RM20,000.
A: I think this is rather a willing buyer, willing seller situation. Some units may be sold at different price or have different offerings (e.g. covered or non-covered, different floor or location). Prices may not be the same. To illustrate a point with example here, parking lots nearer to the lobby or lifts can be more desirable, and thus priced differently.

Q: When the property is handed over to the JMB, there is a document which states the number of visitor parking bays. The residents do not know the actual number of parking bays being handed over. Should the residents be privy to this information?
A: Under normal circumstances, car parking bays are sold as accessory parcels and it should be stated in the SPA or title copy. If the info is not made available, the purchaser should get a confirmation on this matter.

Q: Can a unit owner allow their visitor to park in their allocated parking bay, and is there a procedure for this?
A: This is more of a condo/apartment by law/ regulation policy. Normally visitors should be parking in visitor parking, just as resident’s car should be parked at resident parking bay to avoid any dispute. In community living/stratified properties, common property like visitor car park bays is co-owned by all parcels owner, thus, they can complain if rules are not followed.

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