We’ve successfully wrapped up our third Estate123.com event for the year, so now it’s time for the recap!

We had organised a feng shui talk before for our very first event at Hangout123 last year, and following the good feedback from those who attended, we decided the time was ripe to host another feng shui talk, along with a session on Australian property and investment trends for those keen to expand their real estate horizons.

As usual, the Estate123 team was at Hangout123 bright and early on the day to prepare and set-up the event venue for the Estate123 Agent Appreciation & Advancement Seminar. At least 20 agents were expected to arrive for the event, so extra chairs were brought out and arranged to accommodate the more-than-usual number of guests. Even though the morning program was scheduled to begin at 10 a.m., some of our guests arrived quite early and took the opportunity to grab good seats and head to the nearby restaurant for breakfast.

The feng shui talk by Zi Wei Feng Shui PJ Academy co-founder Louiz Kheng, titled “Prosperity & Problem-Solving with Property Feng Shui”, started at 10.15 a.m. when all of the guests had arrived. Louiz started his talk with an introduction about himself, followed by an explanation of Zi Wei Feng Shui (紫微风水)and how it differed from other feng shui types.

Basically, this type of feng shui is based on the notion that everything has a magnetic field that attracts somebody to – or repels them from – something or someone, and that includes people and property. There is no good or bad feng shui; it all depends on a individual’s unique magnetic field, and how feng shui can be used to enhance or mitigate the person’s ‘destiny’ (), not alter it. Most people are of the opinion that having a bridge, crossroads, T-junction, dirty river, sewage cachement area or telecommunication towers in front of or near their residential properties is considered ‘bad feng shui’, but Louiz explained that those are not necessarily bad and it depends on the ‘destiny’ of the person living there and how it corresponds to their personal magnetic field.

The feng shui talk ended earlier than expected, but the agents took opportunity of the extra time to ask more in-depth questions about their property feng shui concerns, and Louiz also showed them how he comes up with a personalised chart for one of his clients and determine which aspect to enhance or mitigate in order to achieve the desired result or effect.


By this time, everybody was feeling quite hungry, and the smell from the simple buffet lunch which had been freshly cooked and delivered was truly tempting. Before everyone headed to the buffet table to enjoy the simple but delicious lunch spread, a group photo was taken to commemorate the event.


Now, time to dig in! There was fried rice, fried bihun, curry chicken, stir-fried vegetables, spring rolls and deep fried dumplings prepared for the buffet lunch, and everyone enjoyed the food while mingling around with friends and new acquaintances alike.



The agents mingling and talking with feng shui master Louiz Kheng

The agents mingling while having lunch and talking with feng shui master Louiz Kheng

Next, after everyone was done with lunch and our next speaker had arrived, it was time to begin the second part of the day’s program, which was Australian property investment. The speaker for this session, Terence Cheung, the managing director of Raeon International Ltd, had specially flown in from Melbourne to share his experience in marketing Australian properties, as well as the latest information in Melbourne investment trends and new Australian regulations involving foreign investors.

During his “Investment Trends in Melbourne” session, Terence highlighted over a dozen reasons why prospective property investors should invest in Melbourne, citing capital appreciation, quality of life, economic growth, high demand, rental market increase, and many more factors. In addition, he also divulged that investing in Australia was a popular choice for many Malaysians and Singaporean due to its proximity, diverse population and strict laws that protect the consumer.


After that, Jamie from Raeon followed up by introducing two attractive development projects in Melbourne, namely Joseph Place and West Side Place. Joseph Place is located just several kilometres away from downtown Melbourne, and is perfect for those who value the peace and quiet of the suburbs without staying to far from the central business district (CBD). On the other hand, for the party animal city dweller who prefers the concrete jungle and all its retail and entertainment choices, the soon-to-be-launched West Side Place development project – which will include the swanky five-star Ritz-Carlton Hotel – in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD is the ideal dream home.


The event ended with a short Q&A session with Terence, with the agents asking questions ranging from why invest in Australian property with the current weak ringgit, concerns about taxes and legal issues, difficulty marketing Australian properties to local buyers, among others.

It was definitely a fruitful event for the agents who attended our Estate123 Agent Appreciation & Advancement Seminar last week, and we are happy to have successfully organised another Estate123 event for our valued Estate123 members.


Wrapping up our event with a final short announcement by our Estate123 managing director, Joe (right)

Check out the thousands of local and overseas listings at www.estate123.com or visit our Facebook page for more photos from the event, and as always, we hope to see you at our next Estate123 event!