Household storage hacks are always useful, even more so when the places we call home are becoming smaller, be it due to budget or location constraints. I mean, that’s how companies like IKEA draw in customers, with their wallet-friendly prices and ingenious products that help save space while adding comfort and convenience. However, there are some DIY wall storage tips that can save space and decorate your home at the same time, all of which can be done at a fraction of the price quoted by furniture companies or interior designers. A trip to the local hardware store or Mr DIY is all you need! 😉

Wall Book Rack
This isn’t something new, but it is definitely something you need, especially if you have a bookworm in the family or a small nursery room for the children at home. A wall-mounted book rack will save you precious floor space that can be used for playtime, and minimise clutter so that inquisitive children have more room to explore.


Washi Tape & Ribbons Wall Display
For the craft-lovers out there, we understand that sometimes, your collection can get a little out of hand. (There are just so many different and pretty types of washi tape and ribbons out there, amirite?!) It’s always fun to display your collection and have it nearby in case inspiration strikes you, so why not try it with just a pretry frame, stick-on hooks, and skewer sticks? Definitely Insta-worthy and a good conversation piece when guests come over!

Source: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Cookware Wall Storage
Some apartment kitchens can be tiny, much to the dismay of aspiring home chefs. Why not make full use of the kitchen wall to hang your pots and pans, then? Not only will this ensure your cookware are dried properly, it’s also a neat way to organize and display your kitchenware, as well as easy accessibility to your cooking utensils when cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Source: WooHome/Pinterest

Indoor Hanging Herb Garden
No space for an indoor herb garden? No worries! Now you can utilise all that empty wall space for some pretty plants that can be used in the kitchen! All you need are some sturdy wall hooks, a couple of hanging flower pots, and herb plants. Having some greens in your home will freshen up the interior and you’ll save a couple of bucks when cooking with herbs. Not a fan of herbs? Terrariums are also very popular and equally great as hanging wall décor!

Source: Contemporist

Indoor Bike Rack
Bicycles used to be just a cheap mode of transport that people leave outside their houses, but with an increasing number of cycling enthusiasts and recreational bicycles that cost more than a small car, many people store and display their bikes indoors. This simple yet practical floor-to-ceiling bicycle rack can store two bicycles flat against the wall on a pole, is easily installed, and can be used to display your bike indoors safely and securely.
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Source: Bike SLO County Blog

Garage Wall Storage
Not everyone has a garage like this, but for those who do, a wall storage unit for ladders, brooms, hoses, tools and other hardware items will keep it neat and tidy. It makes taking and putting back items a breeze, and you can easily identify whether items are missing or misplaced. Also, you have to admit a storage layout like this is very satisfying to see. 😉

Source: Discount Garage Accessories

Going minimalist so you don’t need much storage? Then make the most of your home with some interior design colour schemes to match your lifestyle!