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Q: I own a landed house which is under strata title, in which the JMB has limited the number of cars allowed entry into the compound (4 cars per parcel). Do they have the right to come out with such a rule to limit the number of cars allowed per family? What if my family members own more than 4 cars?

A: Depending on house rule/by law of the scheme. The answer should be found in the house rules. All by-laws can be updated via general meeting as long as it complies with the law.

Recently I just moved in to my new house. The developer is still in the process of obtaining strata title. My problem is, the developer did not mention anything about accessory parcel/parking bay in the SnP. Then, when the developer started to handover the key, we were informed in handover document about the allocated accessory parcel/parking bay.

Some of the owner received only 1 allocated parking bay, some received 2 allocated parking bays. Most of the residents who received 1 allocated parking bay feel it is unfair, and requested an explanation from developer. The developer explained that according to strata title, they have to allocate all parking bays (exclude visitor parking bay) to all units. And the developer management decided to give extra parking bays to those units which have highest selling price.

Q1: Does the developer have the right to decide on allocating the parking bays? Even though not stated in the SnP?

A: Allocation of car park lots normally would have been predetermined and agreed upon between purchaser and developer when the purchase is made. I suppose this case is before the introduction of Strata Management Act because accessory parcels and parcel is predetermined even before the construction work starts.

Q2: Is it true that strata title requires all parking bays to be allocated to all units? Where I can refer [to this] in Strata Act?

A: If owned by parcel owners. Otherwise it can be visitor car park which is common property.

Q3: I received 2 parking bays for your information. But I can’t find anything about it anywhere in SnP. It was just stated in the document. Are my parking bays tied to my house unit or not? Because some of the residents firmly said that it is only tied to house unit if it is stated in SnP.

A: It should be accessory parcels once the title is issued. For the question of why it is not stated in your agreement, don’t think we can answer that as it should be stated clearly as part of the agreement terms.

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