When we mention the term strata property, most people will automatically think of condominiums and apartments, but these days, strata landed homes are being introduced in the market. In fact, many landed housing projects within new townships today are built as strata developments.

But do Malaysians truly understand what it means to live in a stratified or strata landed residential property?

By definition, a strata scheme is a property development where the building or land is divided into parcels or boxes, and where the accessory parcels and common property are managed under a management system. Examples include flats, apartments, condominiums, townhouses and houses in gated-and-guarded communities.

However, today they may include terraced, semi-D and detached houses within gated-and-guarded schemes, targeting the mid to upper income population segment.

Here are some pointers on what homebuyers should know when buying/living in a landed strata scheme.

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Infographic by Estate123.com