Penang Bridge crash: SUV retrieved from waters, body found
The SUV that fell off the Penang Bridge has been retrieved. Rescue personnel started the actual operation to hoist the 1.5-tonne car from the sea at around 5.45pm on Tuesday (Jan 22), and took about 20 minutes to bring it up onto the bridge. The car, which is in a badly-mangled state, was hoisted using four cables attached to a crane. The recovery team grew solemn upon seeing a lifeless body, believed to be that of the victim, inside the mangled car. The SUV plunged into the sea after a collision with a black car at 2.54am on Sunday (Jan 20). The wreckage was submerged at a depth of about 9m, about 15m away from where it went over the barrier. (The Star Online)

Putrajaya cancels ECRL contract with CCCC, seeks new partner
Putrajaya has cancelled the East Coast Railway Link (ECRL) contract with China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), according to The Straits Times. Sources said Putrajaya is now seeking a new contractor to build the ECRL, but at half the original estimated project cost of RM81 billion. It said Putrajaya laid down a maximum cost of RM40 billion and asked for more local products and services to be included in the works. However, CCCC could not meet these requirements, resulting in negotiations coming to an end. However, the Malay Mail reported that Malaysia was still in talks with China over the ECRL project. Work on the 688km railway line linking the east and west coasts of Peninsular Malaysia has been suspended since last July. (Free Malaysia Today)

Qatar Investment to take part in Malton retail mall project
Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) is set to take part in Malton Bhd’s Pavilion Bukit Jalil retail mall after it received the go-ahead from the investment committee. Malton, a property development company, said QIA had obtained the principle approval from its investment panel to work towards talking part in the on-going project. The project comprises of one block of retail mall with five levels of retail spaces and two levels of basement parking. (The Star Online)

Perak to build more affordable homes for B40 group
The Perak government is joining hands with four private developers to build affordable homes in the state. The developers are expected to build some 2,000 homes in three years. Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal added that state agencies have been given the mandate and target to prepare 50,000 housing for B40 in five years. “The state is identifying suitable areas with many B40 people to build such housing such as Kinta Valley, Manjung, Kerian and Muallim,” he added. (Malay Mail)

Overdue quit rent payments in Pahang now at RM81m, says MB
Pahang land owners must pay quit rent to the state government or risk having their land confiscated if they fail to do so for five consecutive years. Pahang Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail said the state government is mulling such action as the overdue quit rent payments have reached RM81 million. “For example, if it is a sizeable piece of land which yielded crops such as Musang King and palm fruit and yet the quit rent is not serviced for five consecutive years on purpose, we will seize the land,” he said. However, Wan Rosdy said land forfeiture will not be carried out against those proven to be incapable of paying quit rent. (Malay Mail)