Now that you’ve got the property inspection part settled, it’s time to manage some property issues!

Any (good) landlord or property manager will tell you that handling property issues can be a real pain in the behind, especially when it comes to damages and repairs. During the tenancy period, issues with the rental property may arise, such as leaking pipes, cracked walls, and malfunctioning electrical appliances, among others.

It is the responsibility or prerogative of the tenant to inform the landlord of such issues, so that steps can be taken to repair or solve them as quickly as possible to prevent further damage which can incur more costs.

Through the Landlord123 app, tenants can provide feedback or report these property-related issues directly to the landlord, including photos and a short description of the problem. After the issue has been viewed and acknowledged by the landlord, the landlord or tenant has several days to update or solve the issue, depending on its priority level.

Tenants can submit issues via the Landlord123 app.
Issue must be acknowledged by landlord to proceed.

For example, simple issues such as replacing a burnt light bulb or calling a plumber to fix a leaking pipe can be easily solved by the tenant. In this case, the repair costs are borne by the tenant. This can be recorded in the app and linked to the landlord’s financial reporting feature. (Note: Tenants do not have the Financial tab.)

This issue management and reporting feature prompts two-way communication and responsibility from both landlord and tenant, as each issue must be submitted, acknowledged, updated, and closed – by the relevant parties – before it is considered completed. In addition, the Landlord123 app also allows users to upload receipts for financial recording after each issue is completed and closed, which ensures accountability and transparency when it comes to the costs incurred.

Detailed records and receipt uploads for reporting purposes.

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