It’s tax season again!

Let’s Click HASiL is a convenient programme for taxpayers to declare their income and pay taxes to the the Inland Revenue Board (IRB), or Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN). It enables taxpayers to submit their income tax return or make payment through the convenience of the easy, accurate and secure MyTax app.

MyTax is the primary access to ezHASiL services such as e-Filing, e-Register, ByrHASiL and other services accessible to all taxpayers with a single sign-on. Taxpayers can file their return form electronically while ensuring the details are accurate. Additionally, the programme also provides advice to taxpayers through virtual briefings held in accordance with new norm SOP set by the government.

MyTax page in LHDN site
MyTax page in LHDN website

What’s the tax submission deadline?

The Let’s Click HASiL programme runs from March 1 to June 30,2021. For individuals without business income, they have until April 30 to submit their BE Form. People who receive income from business have until June 30 to submit their B Form.

However, e-BE submission via e-Filing allows taxpayers to submit the form by May 15 – an extended period compared to paper submission by April 30, while the deadline for e-B is July 15.

Let's Click HASiL income tax e-filing

Tax refunds

For individuals without business income, their employer would have made monthly tax deduction off the monthly salary, reducing the burden of employees as they don’t have to pay a lump sum for their annual income tax.

You are eligible to receive a tax refund if you have paid excess monthly tax deduction than the actual tax levied. The income tax imposed can be reduced through tax reliefs and tax rebates.

The e-Filing service gives taxpayers the advantage of receiving their tax refunds within 30 working days as opposed to 90 days for form submissions by post or hand delivery.

ezHASiL simplified taxation

ezHASiL enables taxpayers to manage their taxation online through e-Filing, e-Register, e-Update, e-Ledger and ByrHASiL without having to visit IRB branches physically.

e-Filing counter facilities are no longer available since last year following the new norm SOP. The e-Filing system can be accessed via the IRB’s official website at > MyTax > ezHasil Services > e-Filing.

First-time users are required to obtain the PIN number by filling in the feedback form on the website.

Once you have the PIN number, you can start your e-Filing, make payments using ByrHASiL, access payment review through e-Ledger or update personal details via e-Update. Declare and pay your income tax at

Inquiries can be made through the Customer Feedback Form or call the HASiL Care Line (03-8911 1000). You can visit their website for further information.

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