Under the ‘Drivers of Progress’ theme, the Forum showcased how WTC businesses are forging ahead to bolster economic growth on a local and global scale

NEW YORK, Oct. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The World Trade Centers Association® (WTCA®), an international trade organization connecting more than 300 World Trade Center® (WTC®) locations in nearly 100 countries, fueled its ambitious “Road to 500” initiative at its 2023 WTCA Member Forum, held October 15-17 in New York City. With the theme of “Drivers of Progress,” this year’s Member Forum focused on the unique ways WTC businesses drive progress within their local and global communities, and the Association’s plans to revitalize for the future and expand its current global Membership base to 500 WTCA Members over the next decade. Through the “Road to 500” initiative, the WTCA aims to leverage its global network to illuminate the organization’s value proposition, captivate global audiences and amplify its presence around the world, propelling the organization to the future. The three-day business meeting attracted more than 120 WTC businesses representing 37 countries around the world who gathered in-person and virtually to participate, a testament to the Association’s commitment to innovation and revitalization.

Attendees at the 2023 WTCA Member Forum held in NYC and virtually October 15-17, 2023. Photo Credit: April Renae Photography.
Attendees at the 2023 WTCA Member Forum held in NYC and virtually October 15-17, 2023. Photo Credit: April Renae Photography.

Highlights from this year’s Member Forum included the launch of the WTCA Francophone initiative, binding French-speaking WTCA Members worldwide; the relaunch of the Biennial WTCA Champions Awards; riveting panel discussions on the future of global trade and the transformative potential of AI; best practices on how WTCA Members can expand their businesses and how they can play an active role within the Association via the Member Advisory Councils and Regional Advisory Councils; and charted priorities for the WTCA’s North American region.

Some of the WTCA’s newest Members — WTC Austin, WTC Haikou, WTC Mazatlán, WTC Sinop and WTC Uberlândia — unveiled their new projects that aim to boost economic development within their regions through the power of the WTCA’s global network. Additionally, showcasing this year’s theme of “Drivers of Progress,” WTC Shenyang, WTC Saskatoon and WTC Toronto also presented, a few takeaways from each are listed below:

  • WTC Shenyang’s projects, including its City Showcase program, aims to promote cultural exchange and showcases the unique services and products of its participating cities around the world. By emphasizing the strengths and characteristics of these cities, it fuels economic growth and underscores their pivotal roles as a “Driver of Progress” in their regions.
  • A true “Driver of Progress,” WTC Saskatoon hosts more than 300 events annually, including the prestigious Western Canada Crop Production Show. With plans to expand in 2024, boasting 960 indoor trade spaces and more than 330 exhibitors from both Canada and the United States, WTC Saskatoon solidifies its role in advancing knowledge and opportunities globally.
  • WTC Toronto positions itself as a “Driver of Progress” through data-driven strategies that adapt swiftly to the evolving needs of businesses. It excels at anticipating stakeholder objectives, using analytics to drive growth, particularly in key industries like manufacturing, cleantech and aerospace – making it the beacon for transformative change.

The Member Forum also marked the official countdown to the highly anticipated 54th annual WTCA Global Business Forum (GBF), which will be hosted by WTC Bengaluru on March 3-6, 2024. With the theme of “Empowering Progress through Innovation & Collaboration,” next year’s event aims to showcase the economic potential in India, particularly Karnataka, which has been called the “Silicon Valley of India.”

“Under the banner of ‘Drivers of Progress,’ the 2023 WTCA Member Forum was an astounding showcase of ambition, innovation and the unwavering commitment to progress to shape the Association’s future,” said John E. Drew, WTCA Chair, Board of Directors. “This is evident in the way we bring together diverse cultures, all sharing a belief in global trade and prosperity. Together, we are charting an inspiring course and we look forward to reconnecting with our global network in Bengaluru to experience all the business opportunities that India has to offer.”

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