BEIJING, Dec. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Minhang District of east China’s Shanghai city has been awarded the title of “China’s Happiest District” at the Happy Cities of China Forum 2023 recently held in Chengdu City in southwest China.

In order to help young people and new residents to truly experience the warmth and happiness of this city, Minhang District has adopted a multi-level rental housing supply system. 

The system which varies form “renting a bed” or “renting a room” to “renting a full house” in Minhang has become a microcosm of the Shanghai Housing Project. These housing resources prioritize the needs of frontline construction workers and managers in the city and take into account the balance between work and residence for industries, parks, and universities in the region. 

From renting a bed to renting a room, even to a full house, it not only records the struggles of young people and new residents, but also showcases the care and efforts that the city has provided for hardworking individuals.

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