There’s the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, but when it comes to old properties, you can definitely renovate and refurbish them into something brand new.

That’s one of the main lines of thought that I came back with, after a visit to ARCHIDEX 2017 (International Architecture, Interior Design & Building Exhibition 2017) held at KLCC last week. There were plenty of visitors even on a Friday morning, most of them local folks, but also a fair bit of overseas visitors – mostly Chinese, judging from the various accents heard. It’s a great opportunity for industry players and end-users to see a wide range of products in the architecture and building industry.

Anyway, there are plenty of articles and discussions about young working adults in the lower and middle income group being unable to afford homes, and that’s perfectly understandable. High cost of living, inflation, and low salaries are part of the reason why the government has come up with various schemes like PR1MA to help increase home ownership among the rakyat. I, for one, think that these initiatives and incentives are great.

However, there is another group that is rarely mentioned. What about the ones that buy or own secondary property which is in a good location, but in dire need of electrical, plumbing, and design upgrades to accommodate more family members and current usage? It is not uncommon for these residential properties – be it landed or strata – to experience safety issues, high utility fees, occasional power outages, or water cuts due to old and inefficient wiring and plumbing.


An exhibition like ARCHIDEX is a good place for owners of such properties to get ideas and renovation quotes for their properties, from getting new tiles to re-designing living spaces. It can be small changes like changing your sofa, installing a safety alarm or adding safety grills to the windows. Aesthetic upgrades like a fresh coat of paint or new floor tiles. Big renovations like extending the kitchen, rewiring the electrical outlets or installing a new plumbing system. You can get lots of ideas from the displays thoughtfully designed by the architecture or product companies, as well as get on-the-spot consultation about what works for your home or office.

Another prospective reason to update or ‘beautify’ residential property is Airbnb. Many travellers now prefer to plan their own holiday itineraries, finding everything online, from discount vouchers to popular attractions, reservations at restaurants, and booking accommodation for their vacation. Airbnb has become widely popular among investors, as it can be a good source of rental income, but it also requires owners to fulfill certain requirements before they can list their properties for rent on the platform. Therefore, an exhibition like this will allow end-users, as well as architects, designers and property developers to see the latest innovations in architecture, design and building so that they can plan how to transform their properties into a business.

Personally, I did not have much interest in a trade exhibition like this, but after taking a look around (admission was free), I would highly recommend everyone to visit if they have the chance. Not only do you get to see many unique, fascinating and canggih things for residential and commercial properties, it is also a great opportunity to obtain design ideas, plan for your (future) home, and perhaps spark a new appreciation and passion for architecture.

Check out more photos from #ARCHIDEX17 here!

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