From twinkling fairy lights to kitschy pastel decor, there are plenty of pretty lighting options to decorate your home or bedroom. In fact, we think these little touches of light are wonderful to add some cheer and coziness to any room! We’ve picked several beautiful lighting ideas that piqued our interest to share here, and you can even purchase some of them from our newly-launched Estate123 e-Store as well! 😀


Echanted Rose Dome LED Light
One look at this and we’re immediately reminded of the beautiful forbidden red rose in “Beauty and the Beast”! Not only can you buy it here from our Estate123 e-Store, you can also choose from a variety of different rose colours to suit your fancy (or interior décor). Tiny fairy lights complement the exquisite blooms to exude a dreamy aura that’s perfect for every fairytale room, or as a gift!

Wooden Deer LED USB LED Light
This rustic light made from a deer-shaped wooden frame and bottle filled with tiny fairy lights is simply magical! Place it on a shelf or on your bedside table and embrace the calm, soothing glow emanating from within the deer. Buy it here so that it can chase away nightmares and invite sweet dreams!

Rose Gold Metal Leaf String Lights
Bored of the regular fairy lights? These delicate rose gold leaves hide a bright secret underneath, in the form of string lights that peek through the shiny metal. These would look beautiful strung across the bed’s headboard, or hung creatively from the wall to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. We’re sure it would look lovely as a light frame around your dressing table mirror too!

Star Wars Death Star Multi-coloured Desk Light
If your idea of fantasy leans towards the darker end of the sci-fi spectrum, this will be perfect for you. Light up your Star Wars collection with this multi-coloured Death Star LED light – no need to power it by consuming a sun, and you’ll be able to change its colours using the Force (well, technically a remote control, but close enough).

Wooden Star and Moon Decorative Light
Add a little pastel kitsch to your bedroom with these adorable star and moon lights! The wooden frame gives it a homey feel, while the LED lights provide clear illumination to any part of the room you place it in. We’re especially taken in by how pretty it looks when lighted up, both during the day and at night!

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