With the Covid-19 pandemic still ongoing (and not going away anytime soon, from the looks of it), more people are choosing to work from home as much as possible. Along with the essentials of a good desk, chair and proper workspace, adding some greenery can have a huge impact on the overall feeling of your home-office. Plants have also been proven to boost your mood, improve memory and increase productivity – three things we can all agree are important during the workday. Plants can also help remove toxins from the air and help you breathe easier, which is another bonus. But which ones should we choose?

Let’s start with these three: jasmine has anxiety-lowering properties, aloe vera obstructs electromagnetic waves while the snake plant purifies the air.


This tropical plant covered with white flowers is not only aesthetically charming, it also allegedly lowers anxiety and stress. If you haven’t finished setting up your home office yet, you may want to invest in this exotic tree. Scientific research showed that the jasmine fragrance could affect nerve cells and stimulate rest. Frequently used in aromatherapy, jasmine essential oil is recommended for promoting sleep and relaxation.
Other potted plants that may help lower your stress levels include lavender, basil, mint and Areca palm trees for larger offices.

Aloe Vera

Adopting an aloe vera plant could help counter the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves from computers, televisions and smartphones. Note that this tropical species loves light and sunshine, so make sure your home/office space is suitable. Moreover, aloe is a depolluting plant, reportedly absorbing 90% of formaldehyde in the air. Some people choose to grow aloe in their bedroom to help prevent insomnia.

Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

The snake plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue or sansevieria, is an easy-to-look after house plant. It is popular for its air-purifying qualities, which filters chemicals, helping to remove benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and xylene from your house and office. Generally speaking, perennial (long-lasting) plants are good choices for removing air pollutants and thus helping reduce headaches. Sansevieria does well in both bright and low-light areas.

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(Source: The Star Online)