As governments around the world responding to the Covid-19 pandemic by advising people to stay indoors, work from home, and adopt good hygiene practices, it is still vital for people to continue with their daily lives as much as possible. While some countries such as China and Italy have taken drastic measures such as quarantines and lockdowns to limit the spread of the coronavirus, the rest of the world is also practicing social distancing in order to prevent further infections.

What is social distancing?

Social distancing practices are changes in behaviour that can help stop the spread of infections. These often include curtailing social contact, work and schooling among seemingly healthy individuals, with a view to delaying transmission and reducing the size of an outbreak.

How do you practice social distancing?

As an individual, you can lower your risk of infection by reducing your rate of contact with other people. Avoiding public spaces and unnecessary social gatherings, especially events with large numbers of people or crowds, will lower the chance that you will be exposed to the virus as well as to other infectious diseases like flu. Other measures include working from home if possible, organising meetings via video calls rather than doing them in person, and avoiding unnecessary use of public transport.

As a landlord, real estate agent, or property manager, how do you apply social distancing while working from home?

Being advised to stay at home doesn’t mean your work – and income – has to come to a standstill. Using property management mobile apps like Landlord123, as well as instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, you can easily keep an eye on your properties and communicate with tenants and clients during the lockdown or restricted movement order.

Property inspection can be done without having to be physically present at the rental property, as your tenant can send real-time photographic updates on the condition of the property directly via Landlord123. This not only ensures the safety of both parties, but also helps preserve the privacy of the tenant. Besides that, if there are any problems or damages that occur during the tenancy, the tenant can use the Landland123 app to report directly to the landlord or property manager/agent. While most people will prefer to use instant messaging apps to inform, one of the benefits of doing it through the Landlord123 app is that it provides a simple but clear record of each issue and the time taken to solve each one. This way, there is no need to scroll through lots of text messages to find the original message related to the issue.

The Landlord123 app also includes a financial reporting feature, which landlords and agents can use to record expenses incurred during the tenancy, i.e. utility bills, minor renovations, item replacements, and other miscellaneous expenditures related to the property. Most importantly, the app also has a rental reminder feature, which landlords and agents can use to send reminders to the tenant each month. This is especially useful when it comes to tenants who are tardy with their rental payments.

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